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Laguna Beach [30 Dec 2004|03:19am]

I'm Kristen from Laguna Beach!

Laguna Beach


school sucks! big surprise [11 Sep 2004|05:46pm]
Well im bored been home for a couple days cuz im suspended for ditching me and Nat both but I have to go back to school and she gets to start monday @ Pinnacle...school is gunna suck so bad without her!

today my dad went to go look @ houses out by the pinnacle area to see if we could buy one there just so i could go to pinnacle and he was gunna let my sister and her boyfriend move into it but...couldn't find one.

Hopefully by 2nd semester i can get into Horizon tho but i hate sca and without nat it is gunna suck so bad! but i still love urika and tarra and kelly and sarah!
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blah [08 Sep 2004|09:49pm]

New Jersey [06 Aug 2004|08:52pm]
I am in New Jersey until August 13

(602)376-0062 call my cell...hopefully I get to hang out with my cousin Brandon for a little bit while im here but he works! i saw him today though it was fun but i miss nat! :-(

Tuesday and Wednesday [04 Aug 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

yesterday Nat came and picked me up and we went to Taco Bell and then to her house! Then we went to my house to get money again and then back to Taco Bell and then back to her house where we met up with Price and then we decided to go on a walk (us 3) and I was running by the playground and I fell in some mud in my kacki skirt...kinda sucked but it was really funny and i'd do it again if I was wearing a swim suit lol it was like slip n slide but mud involved!

Then Gee and Scott came to Nats and us 5 went bowling...then Manny came and us 6 were bowling then we all started playing cards and then left and finished playing cards @ the park then me and nat went back to nats house and then we met up with everyone @ del~taco where we just chilled for like 2 hours and talked and then we all went to nats house and were chillin in her room for like an hour but price and manny left and then later scott and gee left and then me and nat decided to go back to del~taco and chill on her car! and then Price and Manny came back and we were all chillin until like 4:30 @ del~taco then us 4 went back to nats and laid on her driveway until 4:45 when manny left and then price left and then me and nat went to bed!

Del~Taco is the best place to chill!!!! lol some fun times...

I leave for New Jersey tomorrow and my birthday is August 11...next wednesday yay 17!!!!! don't forget to call me :-) (602)376-0062 I don't know if I will get to go online @ all while im there because ya know the people back there aren't really up on the technology lol jk i hope i @ least get to hang out with my cousin!


and this morning me and Nat talked KYLE from cali it was awesome!!!! lol almost like the night we were all partayin @ Darren COOOOOOLLLLEEEEYYYYSSSS house haha fun message!


saturday sunday monday tuesday [03 Aug 2004|12:53pm]
[ mood | angry ]

well Saturday I went to see Napolean Dynomite with Jen it was fun!

sunday...Nat came and picked me up and me and her went to taco bell and then price came then all of us went to see Napolean Dynomite! awesome movie! and then me and nat went to her house and had a pick nic on top of her car and then price came back and we hung out for awhile on top of her car! then he left and then me and nat went to Jos house and hung out with Jo and Gee and that was fun too...then on monday me adn nat hung out and she came with me to take my car to the shop because its screwed up! and then we went to the mall and hung out there for awhile and saw tarra and her cousin. Then she took me home and later on me and Jen went to go see a Cinderella Story and after that Price and Luke Munoz were at the mall so we hung out with then and then they all came to my house and we played with pla-do. Then Price and Luke left and I took Jen home and then I came home and talked to Nat on the phone.

Today I am going with Natalie to get her car fixed :-) and then I dunno what else! and on Thursday I leave for New Jersey...and im going to be there on my birthday which is August 11 so u people should call me :-) and I really don't want to spend my birthday in New Jersey with no friends! But @ least I will be with the half of the family that doesn't hate me unlike california when I was with the people that hated me.


The Week [30 Jul 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well last saturday night cristina spent the night with me and nat and we snuck out to hang out with Jake, chris and benn it was really fun the guys were all really funny and we went and chilled by the train tracks for a very long time then benn and cristina stayed up there and chris and nat and me and jake all went down the mountain and me and nat didn't have swim suits and the guys wanted to go in the water so we took our pants off and went in lol it was so cold (we went in the ocean) and then we got back out and layed in the sand for awhile with them and eventually went back up with benn and cristina! Kyle was supposed to come but never showed up!

Then we all went to Benns house (((BIG F*ING MISTAKE))) Jakes mom found him and came to the window screaming in is there a jake there! and so jake and chris both had to leave and chris was our ride home! SOOOOOOOO then Benns parents woke up and yeah us three girls hid in the bath tub and benns mom opens the door and we were all really fuckin scared!!!!! and then yeah benn said to jump off the balcony soooo me being stupid went first and i slipped and was hanging off the edge of the balcony and i was supposed to be hanging over some [platform but when i dropped i kinda missed that and rolled down the hill thing and i had a huge bruise on my ass! it hurt like mofo and yeah then we had to walk 5 miles home!

Then the rest of the week we chilled with kyle josh and cole for the most part and chilled with kyles cousin Mike

Right now I feel pretty damn sick! bye bye and im talkin to benn online! lol these california people are way fun


last day in cali [29 Jul 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | excited ]

yeah so tomorrow me and natalie get back from cali...we haven't really had any time to go online this week so yeah! thats all i gotta say!

and the people we have been hanging out with are throwing us a going away party wooohooooooo were very excited!


Friday Night [24 Jul 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Last night (Friday night) Cristina and I snuck out with Kyle, Chriss, Cole, Josh and 2 really ugly chicks! We went to the train station first and hung out there for awhile then drove around for 3 hours it was fun...then me kyle and cristina came here and layed down on the stairs! then kyle left us and we just chilled for awhile and headed back to our room @ 5 so yeah it was a fun night!

Today Natalie came in and we went to the beach alot for fun but not to swim! Then we hung out with the guys again plus some long haired guy! we all chilled in some guys mini van and the mini van had a queen size bed and it was very funny cuz there was like 6 of us sitting on it! but it was fun...now we are here and gunna chill with them lata and cristina is spending the night with us tonight woohoo

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LaSt NiGhT [23 Jul 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So last night Cristina and I were on the beach and we were smoking and these like 45-50 year old men ask us for a cigarette and so being the nice girls we are we give them two! and we go there so good their vanilla and one of the guys goes "how good are u?" we were like omg! so cristina goes "are u gunna pay us for those cigs?" and one of them goes "i dunno how can we repay u?" and we were like thats so nasty so we drank some of their drinks and then left and they were like fine drink our booze and leave haha then on our way up we met 3 guys 2 were so fuckin hot!

Cole and Kyle...and then there was some other guy with brown hair and he had told me that he goes to christian school and they play us in basketball and i was like awesome i really don't care! lol so tonight me and cristina are gunna hang out with these guys again! awesome awesome awesome!!!!! we got some big plans for tonight!!!! woohoooooo Well cristina should be back soon so im gunna chill with her!




hmmmmmmmm [21 Jul 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Today...I woke up and me and Cristina went to starbucks! then i came back and my sister had flown in so i chilled with her...then she went with the boys surfing and me and sheryl and brittany went to the beach...Brittany and I went in the water forever and followed some boys around! lol then i came back and tongiht I chilled with poo and jeremey and mikey and then with cristina then again with poo and jeremey and mikey and now im home and my mom put t-bags on daryls face cuz she thinks it helps his sunburn but i think there all just fuckin weird around here! anyways another fun day with cristina @ starbucks tomorrow!

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Cali fuckin fornia! [20 Jul 2004|05:52pm]
[ mood | content ]

Well today was OK...the best part was I found out that my famvorite most bestest friend ever NATALIE!!!!! is comin woohoooooo on friday! and satying with me until I leave! and Luke Munoz is coming on Saturday man that would be so damn chill if we all chilled!!!! lol

Today I went to the beach and I am sooooo sunburnt on my face and then really really tan everywhere else! anyways yeah! I really really miss NATALIE AND PRICE my two favoritest people ever!!!!

Well the guys came in on sunday and yeah there so hot but joebi is leaving today! that kinda sucks but the other boys aren't yet! and the judge the stays 2 rooms down brought his grandsons from Tucson this year so that pretty chill...and Poo is here so yeah!

Last night Christina, Jen, Mikey and I all went out for Chinese and I basically hung out with Christina all day yesterday and last night me Jen and Mikey went down to the beach @ 11 @ night and yeah it was fun hot guys playing volleyball awesome awesome awesome! didn't really think that it was a guys sport but they proved me wrong! haha ok well im out! bye



I HATE THESE PEOPLE [17 Jul 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Man tonight was the worst ever! I had to go to the movies with my cousin his two friends and my other cousins' friend well...since the whole half of my family hates me nobody talked to me! My cousin Sheryls friend Brittany is in love with my cousin Daryl so she wouldn't talk to me because she was being a bitch or what ever! and then My cousin Daryl said some stuff to me but his friends hate me because Daryls mom hates me! The only people who don't hate me is Jen and she isn't fucking here is she?!?!?! no shes @ pom camp!

This was such a bad night! I am never hanging out with them again even if I am forced! its just not going to happen...next my parents are going to start hating me even though they already do but im sure its possible to hate me even more! I don't even know what I did oh well...its a conspiracy i swear! anyways if anyone gets bored call me :) (602)376-0062

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CaLiFoRnIA [17 Jul 2004|06:00pm]
I am in California right now! Its not too fun...the family that is here hates me there the people who told on me about Chicago shit that was made up! Its so gay and my best friend Jen isn't coming until tomorrow night or my cousin.

BEST PART EVER!!!!! last night I hung out with Tarra and Nat here it was so fun I missed them soooooo much! but yeah it was so chill we got lost and Tarra fell down on the train tracks @ night and it was sooooo funny...sad but funny me and nat couldn't stop laughing. I miss URIKA too I haven't seen her in forever! anyways im sick of typing i'll write more lata!

blah [13 Jul 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Well only 3 more days of summer school and tomorrow we are having a fiesta for 5 hours and watching movies! oooooohhhhh yeaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Anyways todayI went to summer school...but then left cuz i felt like i needed a shower! lol so yeah...then I decided to go home and come back after first break! man did the day go by fast!

After school I came home...took a nappy poo then my sista called and I met her and mom @ some pasta place for lunch then i came home and got online and talked to sarah then her and zach 3-wayed me! man do I love those two people! lol then we talked for like 20 min and I had to puppy sit and then the little mofo crapped everywhere! so I cleaned up that shiznit a lil bit.

Now I am home again waiting for little poo muffin to come home so we can chill tonight!wooohoooo probobly another a-w-e-s-o-m-e night @ the park and stuff!


hmmmm [11 Jul 2004|11:20am]
Well summer school is almost over! Friday I spent the night @ my friend Jennifers house that was chill and we saw Manny for a little bit. Then we went back to her house and chilled. Then Saturday I left my car @ her house while i went somewhere but couldn't find my way back so my sister came and got me and brought me to my car :). Then I snuck over to SaRah's house for like 20 min. cuz her parents weren't home. Then I went and dog sitted and chilled with this one kid. Then he left then I left and went home. Then I babysat last night and while i was there one of the people came home with 3 other people and the kid was sleeping so i chilled with them for 20 min until they left again and Taylor put something in my mouth and I had to suck in and it made me really dizzy but it was fun! everybody was doing it lol. Yeah it was funny i don't knwo exactly what it was but it did somethin to ya! and then I came home around 1 in the morning. Then today I wanna go to the damn sleepover movie :) hehehe

... [07 Jul 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | sad ]

*Yeah very bad couple days...SaRah is kinda screwed for now cuz she just is and her mom freakin called me and im kinda screwed too...but sarah is grounded from everything even the phone so i can't even talk to her. This completely sucks. Her birthday is friday and her mom is being a bitch! She put a fucking timer on their house phones so that they can't call out and people can't call in past 9:30 on weeknights and 10 on weekends!
* yeah and thats about all...but i hate not talking to sarah!!!!!!!!

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the weekend [04 Jul 2004|12:01pm]
Well this weekend...Friday night I spent the night @ SaRah's house it was fun but I frickin fell asleep @ 8:45 and we were supposed to go to Zach and Benny's apartment @ around 12 but they couldn't wake me up so SaRah and Zach left and I slept! but I woke up @ 6 when she got back lol...yeah and then Saturday...

Saturday I spent the night @ Morgans house and yeah now im home and going to some damn 4th of July party but not a normal one and old person party...what am I supposed to do there? chill with the old people? well @ least Brittany (my awesome cousin) will be there!
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SaRah's house [01 Jul 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well this afternoon I went to SaRah's house...it was awesome as usual! This is what we did...I got there and then we went outside to swim but ya know I kinda fell asleep on the raft and SaRah kinda did too so when we woke up we were frickin burnt...but we didn't notice yet...then Tina came over and we still chilled out by the pool and now my frickin back of my legs are sooooo red and they hurt! and my back and my shoulders and my face!!!!!

Yeah so basically thats about it for today...and tomorrow IM SPENDING THE NIGHT @ SARAHS OOOH YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an awesome night this is going to be!!! hehehehehe oooh and the reason my current mood is excited is because im just freakin excited hehehe I want my english class back!!!!!!!! summer school english not sc gay english!

Heather such an awesome friend!!!! Man do I love her...I don't go all alone to summer school now cuz I pick her up and take her home...but we take Tatum so that we can see the guys driving next to us!!! hehehe anyways im done now bye bye!

Oh yeah and the breaks @ summer school are pretty fun with Katie lol

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Freakin FAGGOTS [30 Jun 2004|03:11pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

So I go to summer school this morning and im chillin @ the usual spot in the morning when I start talkin to Aimee...one of my elementary school friends...but we are still friends now and she happens to be in cheer with Rachael Pettee so I hear from Aimee that Rachaels mom (a huge gossiper apparently...so I have heard from a couple people) somehow my names always seems to come up when Rachaels mom talks to other mothers and I don't know why the hell that happens...anyways yeah so apparently this is what her mom says "Danielle is on drugs now and hangs out with all the wrong people" her fucking mom doesn't know who the hell I hang out with and neither does Rachael...they don't know me! and I have never done drugs before in my life so when I heard that I got really pissed and when I got home from summer school i told my mom what that fuckheads mother was talkin about so my parents are pretty pissed too. Yeah never become friends with her and then takl to anyone else but her...it will get u in trouble for absolutely nothing!


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